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Alameda Police Warn Residents of Daytime Robberies

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Alameda police are urging residents to beware of their surroundings after unsuspected people leaving the bank are being followed home and robbed.

Last week, Astrid Lee made a deposit at Chase Bank in Alameda’s South Shore when someone watched her every move and followed her home.

“I locked the car, and I saw the two guys just come from the car and I could see what they look like,” she said. “I did not close the garage door, I think during the daytime it should be safe.”

Not thinking she was in danger, Lee went into her garage and turned off the alarm and left the garage door open.

“I turned around, I saw the young man walk into my garage and I say ‘oh my god’ I knew something was going to happen,” Lee said.

One of the robbers grabbed her purse the other took her cell phone. In a matter of seconds they jumped into a dark color car and sped away. No time to see a license plate. 

The Alameda Police Department says detectives are investigating several robberies like this.  They want people at banks to be aware of their surroundings.

“it could have been me,” said Lee’s neighbor Mike Lindstedt, who also had some advice for her.

“Never go to an ATM, get money and go right back home,” he said. “Do some other things.”

“All of us have to be very careful and always alert,” Lee said.

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