Contra Costa County

Another Cyber Attack Hits Contra Costa County

The Pittsburg Unified School District is the latest victim after cyber criminals targeted county libraries last week.

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Cyber criminals for the second time in a week have targeted Contra Costa County.

Pittsburg Unified School District's superintendent informed families this week of the cyber attack and said "we will be teaching and learning like back in the day...without laptops and internet."

The news comes after Contra Costa County on Friday discovered they had been hit by ransomware, impacting 26 libraries in the county.

"It's really unfortunate they're obviously attacking places that are very important to what the public needs," said Brooke Converse, Contra Costa County Library spokesperson. "I mean children going to school (and) public libraries where you access information."

Ahmed Banafa, a cyber security expert and San Jose State University professor, said ransomware attacks have ramped up with the rise of crypto currency, making ransom payments tough to trace. He said schools and government agencies are seen as less secure and easier targets.

Meanwhile, parents said the cyber attack has left them nervous and they want answers.

"I think it's scary since they do a lot of communicating with their teachers on the computer," parent Keonna Evans said. "I feel like if that door is open, who else can hop on there and expose our children to things we are trying to protect them from?"

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