Several Homes Hit by Burglars in Berkeley Neighborhood

Meanwhile, victims are now left picking up the pieces and repairing the damage.

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About a dozen houses have been hit by burglars in a Berkeley neighborhood over the last several days.

“I heard a loud smash, really loud but I had been asleep really drowsy,” said Cory Carr. “The dogs didn’t bark and I didn’t think too much of it.”

Turns out, the smashing Carr heard Friday night was somebody ramming a car through her garage door. She woke up to a lot of damage Saturday morning.   

“It was completely smashed in. They were able to get a mountain bike, a fairly new mountain bike,” said Carr.

She’s not the only victim. There were smashed-in garage doors all over the Uplands neighborhood in Berkeley.

“It’s disheartening and yeah, a nuisance,” said Susan Meadows.

Her house was also hit Friday night. Fortunately there wasn’t anything worth grabbing in her garage. But she’s feeling very uneasy. 

“It’s unsettling and I just talk to the garage door guy, who came to talk about the new door and we’re going to put in a new door and then it’s going to happen again and he said maybe,” said Meadows. 

Another neighbor's surveillance cameras captured a suspect in the act.

The video shows a white car ramming into the garage before ultimately speeding away. 

“The police said it takes them 10 seconds to get in and get what they need and disappear,” said Carr.

Neighbors said they’re considering investing in street cameras to watch over the area and hopefully deter future smash-ins. Berkeley police did not respond to NBC Bay Area’s calls Monday but residents say police are investigating. 

Meanwhile, victims are now left picking up the pieces and repairing the damage.

“I think it’s a new low and it’s expensive and it’s frustrating,” said Carr.

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