Alexis Gabe

Billboards of Missing Oakley Woman Go Up as Family Pleads for Clues

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Billboards went up Thursday along Highway 4 in Contra Costa County with a plea for clues in the case of a missing Oakley woman. 

It’s been more than a week since 24-year-old Alexis Gabe disappeared and her car was found abandoned with the keys in the ignition in Oakley.

On Tuesday, police searched the Antioch home linked to her ex-boyfriend, removing bags of evidence.

Gabe's family said they hope the billboards will generate leads. 

“The more people the more eyes, the more flyers out there, the more people hear about it. Hopefully it will bring more attention to it, someone will have seen something that happened that could help figure out where she’s at and how to get her home,” said Vicky Little of Brentwood.

Flyers were also posted all over the East Bay and Oakley police said they've sent information about the missing woman to various police agencies around the Bay Area.

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