Business Owners Not Happy With Bay Area's Reopening Plan

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Though Governor Gavin Newsom has given the green light for more restrictions to be lifted this Friday, most of the Bay Area won’t be seeing any changes. 

Business owners in Downtown Martinez hoped they’d get to reopen but Contra Costa County, along with most of the Bay, says it’s too soon. 

“They’re not treating us fairly,” said Steve Lipary. “It’s not right.”

Steve Lipary is desperate to reopen his Martinez sports memorabilia store. He’s been using his savings to stay afloat. But retailers in Contra Costa County are going to have to wait a little longer. 

“We have to take small steps,” said Contra Costa County Health Officer Chris Farnitano.

The Bay Area just loosened the order Monday allowing outdoor business and recreation to resume. He says at least a few weeks are needed to analyze the impact before making any more changes. 

“We have to go slow because if we go fast we’re just going to see more spread and just have to shut things down again,” Farnitano said.

But for many businesses waiting two more weeks could be devastating. Antique furniture shop owner Fred Morse fears the worst. 

“When some of these towns and cities reopen they’re going to have a totally different look because a lot of these shops are going to be gone they’ll simply go out of business,” Morse said. 

The owner of Char’s Flowers isn’t letting the county slow him down. He’s still selling flowers, taking online orders only and making no-contact deliveries. 

“I’ve been doing it to my knowledge the right way, the safe way,” said owner Neil Janes.

Mother’s Day is a crucial time for florists, he says he’s not about to stop delivering joy. 

“A lot of people have been shut in and need something to lighten their load and lift their spirits,” said Janes.

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