Community Bands for Safety Following Oakland Laptop Theft Homicide

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A community in Oakland is demanding safety following the death of Shuo Zeng, 34, who was killed after chasing two people who stole his laptop from a coffee shop in Montclair Village on New Year’s Eve.

Zeng’s death is the reason people gathered for a meeting Thursday night asking city politicians and police to do their jobs as they want solutions to the laptop robbery problem.

On Sunday strangers and loved ones turned out to an emotional vigil held for Shou Zeng, a man killed on his 34th birthday during a laptop theft in Oakland at a Starbucks last week. Christie Smith reports.

 “We are moving forward with a policy initiative. For every police area there should remain one officer in that area,” said Sheng Thao from Oakland City Council.

The Oakland Police Department is adding foot patrols to the area and are working with the coffee shops themselves to try and fight back against this growing problem.

Police said they have arrested two of the three suspects tied to a man's death after the victim attempted to prevent a laptop theft in Oakland. Bob Redell reports.

“I ask you to help us help the men and women of this police department help your neighbors help yourselves to maintain this vigilance this drive to sustain and improve our community,” said Chris Bolton from the Oakland Police Department.

Zeng’s memorial service is set to begin Friday.

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