Contra Costa County Vaccines go Mobile, Travel to Senior Housing Complex

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Contra Costa County is taking COVID-19 vaccines on the road.

Special mobile vaccine units have been traveling to assisted living facilities and low income housing complexes trying to reach some of the most vulnerable populations. 

Many of the Casa Serna residents in Bay Point don’t have the ability or the means to get to the mass vaccination sites. But nearly all the residents of the 50 units have all been vaccinated thanks to the county's Mobile Strike teams that have brought the vaccine right here to them. 

“I really think it’s a miracle I’m alive. I really do,” said Judy Haverty.

The 84-year-old said she’s been living in fear in her Bay Point apartment since the pandemic hit. 

“My family will call me up to see if I’m still alive,” said Haberty.

Thankfully, Contra Costa County’s mobile unit team set up a mini vaccination clinic Thursday morning at Casa Serena.

“Transportation is more difficult for me so it’s wonderful to have it right here,” said Haverty. 

The county’s mobile teams have vaccinated nearly 35,000 seniors and caregivers in at risk communities so far

“Some of the clients here have real serious mobility issues and if this wasn’t here for them to get the shot they wouldn’t get the shot,” said Elizabeth Campbell of the Contra Costa County Housing Authority. 

They hope to ramp up their efforts now that the state is promising to set aside millions of doses for low income neighborhoods.

“We have the infrastructure to put shots into arms we just need the shots to give,” said Contra Costa County Health Officer Sara Levin.

Melissa Harris says she was skeptical until the nurses at the mobile clinic answered her concerns. She says many in low income neighborhoods just need extra help. 

“Doing this this way will make a lot of people more apt to come and get the shot especially in their own neighborhood,” said Harris. 

Now that Haverty has had her two doses she hopes to live many more years. 

“I’m heading for 100,” she said.

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