Debate Over Defunding Oakland Police Continues

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Police departments all over the country are taking a lot of heat from the community.

Many say excessive force is the reason why minorities are being killed by police and the cry for defunding police departments is now at the top of the agenda.

Several hundred people marched from city hall to East Oakland Monday, making sure people remember those around the country who were killed by police. Others are calling for police departments to be defunded.

“Two thirds going to policing should be going towards education, health services,” said one of the protesters. “Makes no sense to militarize the police.”

Many feel a disproportionate number of officers are no longer there to serve and protect.

“If I called 911 they would reprimand me first, we have to stay together, protect one another and get done what we need to get done,” said Corey Elliot from Richmond.

Oakland’s virtual Police Commission Town Hall meeting was flooded with calls from mostly young people who have been organizing and demanding change.

“I think it’s absurd how little training police officers really get,” said organizer Xavier Brown. “They are walking around with weapons and they have the power to take lives.”

A majority of the Minneapolis City Council is now pledging to shake-up its police force and create Public Safety Systems.

President Donald Trump weighed in on the issue, spending the day with law enforcement leaders. He later tweeted “law and order, not defund and abolish the police. 

"You eliminate police officers, you will have chaos, crime and anarchy in the streets and that’s unacceptable to the president," said White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

What is unacceptable to protesters is the status quo. The march for change continues.

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