East Bay Family Calls for Change After Pittsburg Canal Crash

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A Pittsburg family is calling for changes Friday after a driver nearly died when she drove into a canal last week.

Another driver was killed in that very spot five years ago and now, his family is speaking out as they fear it’s just a matter of time before it happens again.

“I miss him,” said Lorrie Sandoval.

Her father, 56-year-old Dennis Sandoval died in 2014 when he failed to navigate a curve as he drove home from work on Pittsburg’s West Leland Rd, crashing into a canal.

“The next morning is when they found him in here,” Sandoval said. “They found him upside down.”

Last week, the same thing happened when a Pittsburg woman veered off the road and into the canal in the very same spot. Luckily, some good Samaritans jumped into the water and saved her as her car sank.

“Same way my dad died, upside down,” Sandoval said.

She said her family asked the city to put a barrier after her dad’s fatal crash, a move she said could have prevented last week’s tragedy.

“I instantly thought about my dad. I was upset. I was angry,” Sandoval, said.

Pittsburg officials said they’ve added yellow arrow signs along the road since Dennis’ accident and have plans to add more safety measure, including rumble strips and lighting.

“Put a barrier up please,” Sandoval said. “Let my dad’s death be the last so nobody will die.”

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