Family of Security Guard Shot in Oakland Speaks Out, Asks Public for Help in Finding Suspect

Kevin Nishita was shot in an attempted armed robbery of a news crew in downtown Oakland on Nov. 24 and died days later

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The family of the private security guard who died after being shot while on assignment in Oakland last week spoke out Friday, asking the public's help in seeking the person responsible.

“We’ve heard so far that there were people doing video with their cell phones .. and we’d like them," said wife Virginia Nishita. "I beg you, please come forward.”

Kevin's wife said she was stunned Kevin was shot in an attempted armed robbery of a news crew in downtown Oakland on Nov. 24 and died days later. But not surprised her husband put himself in jeopardy for the sake of others.

"That was his personality, to be that protector, to be that brave one," she said. "He just wanted to protect people. Not just his family but others as well.”

Still the senseless nature of the crime has left the family heartbroken and demanding answers.

"We just need the closure. We don’t like this open, not knowing how someone we loved passed away. We just need to know and have peace,” and said Kevin's daughter Maureen Campos.

Kevin was employed by Star Protection Agency California and working with a KRON4 reporter at the time of the shooting.

"He didn’t deserve this. He was retired," said Kevin's son Enrique Nishita. "He just looking to stay busy, we just wish he could come home.”

The family says it is still working on memorial services and they take some satisfaction in hearing Oakland is now taking action including a plan to hire more police officers.

“This is justice for Kevin. He was a security guard, and he was out there to protect the newscast … and we need justice for him,” said Virginia.

A reward of $32,500 is being offered to anyone with information that may lead to an arrest.

Kevin Nishita, a security guard protecting a news crew died days following a gunfire battle. Former coworkers and friends remember him and mourn his passing. Sergio Quintana reports.
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