Shelter-in-Place Order Lifted After Chemical Spill, Fire in Fremont

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A chemical spill and fire inside a Fremont business forced a brief shelter-in-place order on Wednesday.

The Fremont Fire Department said the blaze inside a small business near Fremont Boulevard and Landing Parkway involved unknown chemicals and was treated as a potential hazardous scene even after the fire was put out.

Roads near the area were closed off for a few hours and employees were evacuated as crews monitored the air for potentially dangerous chemicals.

"We asked that the businesses in the local area, including the Hampton and the Hyatt, shelter in place," Fremont Fire Department Deputy Chief of Operations Zoraida Diaz said. "And we asked Fremont PD to assist us with closing streets to prevent citizens from coming into this area."

The area was eventually deemed safe and all roads were reopened at around 12:30 p.m.

No injuries were reported.

The Police Department issued an alert shortly after 9:15 a.m. about the hazmat situation.

No other details about the incident were immediately available.

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