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Man Allegedly Pulls Gun on Activist at BLM Mural Site in Martinez

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An East Bay man has been arrested after he allegedly pulled a gun on Martinez activists Sunday at the site of a mural that was vandalized just the day before.

Community members were on guard after the social justice message that was originally painted by more than 100 people on the Fourth of July was painted over by a couple – even though the Black Lives Matter mural had been allowed by the city.

In an effort to identify the pair, Martinez police shared a photo of their white Nissan pickup with the name “Nicole” on the truck’s tailgate and a camper shell on the back.

Police are looking for this white Nissan with the name "Nicole" on it in connection with the vandalism of a city-sanctioned Black Lives Matter mural Saturday.

“I was shocked that this was happening, but I wasn’t surprised,” a witness, who did not want to be identified, said.

He was there again Sunday afternoon around 6 p.m. when someone else pulled up in a Jeep and yelled “All lives matter,” before allegedly pulling a gun on someone who approached him.

“…and then my friend pursued him on a skateboard, and then when he pulled up and said, ‘What’s up?’ the guy pulled a gun on him,” the witness said.

The witness captured video of police pulling the Jeep over just seconds later.

“I’ve got to commend them for not only being on the scene to make sure nothing was happening, but also because they were on him like crazy fast,” the witness said.

Police said the man in the Jeep was 30-year-old Joseph Osuna of Martinez. He’s been charged with brandishing a weapon.

The man who witnessed both incidents and captured a lot of it on video said he wants the Black Lives Matter message to continue until he knows there is real social justice in the U.S.

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