Man Refuses to Wear Face Mask Inside Oakland Hills 7 Eleven, Gets Violent

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Most people are getting used to wearing face coverings when we’re out in public but clerks at a convenience store in Oakland Hills ran into a man who became violent when asked to cover his face. 

There is a sign outside the 7-Eleven store on Thornhill Drive that clearly says that those who walk in must wear a mask. But a customer on Sunday made it known that he didn’t want to follow the rules. 

“My coworker asked him to wear a mask and he refused to wear it,” said worker Ariel Mega. “We refused to serve him and I decided to call the police.”

Before the cops got there, surveillance video shows the man storming out and Mege said he kicked the door, almost shattering the glass.

“We are here to serve people,” Mega said. “We want to stay protected, we have families.”

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