Mayor Schaaf Reaches Out to Gov. Newsom for Help in Combating Oakland Crime

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Mayor Libby Schaaf is reaching out to Governor Gavin Newsom for help in combating violent crime in Oakland. 

She wants CHP officers patrolling the streets of Oakland and license plate reader technology on state highways to help solve crimes.

She sent a letter to the governor Tuesday explaining that Oakland needs a CHP presence on the streets, adding that car license plate readers stationed at on and off ramps would gather information to help solve crimes.

Crimes like the fatal freeway shootings of 23-month-old Jasper Wu and 29-year-old Amani Morris. 

“This is a way the state can help coordinate, collaborate and really amplify law enforcement efforts,” said Schaaf.

The mayor is hoping this request will be a part of the governor's new budget. The problem is, it won’t be presented until January. 

Meanwhile, currently, crime is taking a toll on Oakland.

Retail thief’s at stores and cannabis clubs are on the rise, 700 people have been shot so far this year and 132 people have been killed.

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