2 Car Break-ins in the Same Day for Couple Visiting the Bay Area

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A couple visiting the Bay Area had two different cars broken into in the same area in the same day.

Shin Kim, a Berkeley graduate, flew to the Bay Area with his wife earlier this month and wanted to show her around. That all changed when the couple stopped at an In-N-Out Burger near the Oakland airport.

"A security guard calls us out asking if the minivan, which was our rental car, was ours," Kim said. "We went out and saw that the three glasses in the back were shattered and all of our luggage was gone."

Many of their possessions were stolen out of the rental car.

"I really did not expect it to happen during the day right in front of the store, right in front of the restaurant," Kim said. "It was very shocking."

The couple then rented a Tesla and made a plan to replace some of their stolen items. They had to go back to the same In-N-Out parking lot to meet the worker who was going to replace the broken windows on the van.

Moments after they arrived, thieves hit the Tesla.

"I turn around and I see these robbers trying to break into the car," Kim said.

He said his initial reaction was to go after them because he was already upset about the earlier break-in.

"So I held the robber and another robber came out from their vehicle and then pulled a gun on me," Kim said. "As soon as I saw the gun, it was really scary. I just had to hide behind the Tesla."

The nearby Raising Cane's fast-food restaurant decided to close its dining room following several car break-ins in the parking lot and numerous other robberies in the neighborhood.

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