Oakland City Leaders Resurrect Ceasefire Plan to Stop Gun Violence

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In an effort to stop gun violence, city leaders in Oakland are going back to the future, resurrecting a plan to stop gun violence -- a ceasefire. 

“Ceasefire is back stronger than ever in 2022 in Oakland,” said Mayor Libby Schaaf.

She stood with the city’s police chief and members of the faith community letting people know the ceasefire program is back in full operation after the pandemic forced them to scale it back.

“We know under the pandemic gun violence went back to pre-cease fire levels,” said Schaaf.  “We are here today to report on its  full return.”

Coming back at a time when police are struggling with out of control violence in the city.

“We take no pleasure in having to take enforcement action,” said the mayor. “We would much rather people accept the services, make different decisions in their lives and actually make Oakland a better city by putting down guns.”

The ceasefire strategy is to try and stop violence before it happens by reaching out to troubled community members, and providing them with jobs and counseling. The program has the full support of the faith community.


“Many years ago we got a demand from parents who were burying their kids before they demanded that something be done,” said a preacher.

Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said there have been 14 ceasefire operations this year where 30 guns have been recovered. He said the program worked before and he believes it will help turn things around right now.

“Our last objective is to develop trust within our community,” said Armstrong.

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