Oakland Vigil Honoring RBG Aims to Avoid Politics

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A tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Sunday in Oakland aimed to put politics aside and simply honor her legacy as a civil rights attorney and Supreme Court justice.

Within hours of Ginsburg’s passing, there was talk of her possible replacement on the Supreme Court. The Oakland event was an effort to forget about that for a moment and simply honor her service to the country.

A drum circle has become a traditional start to many vigils and commemorations in the Bay Area, and Sunday's vigil was no different.

“I don’t want this to be about other sides,” said Donzi De Souza of Oakland. “This is about humanity. This is about justice. This is about all of us having rights, and that’s what the Notorious RBG stood for.”

The event was one of a few across the Bay Area that have been organized this weekend honoring Ginsburg.

The organizers say they’re not only trying to bring people together to honor her service, but they’re also calling on efforts to replace her to slow down.

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