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Officials Investigate Racist Graffiti Left on East Bay Property

NBC Bay Area

A Contra Costa County neighborhood is trying to find out who’s behind the “horrible” and “racist” graffiti spray painted on multiple cars on a property known for pleasure-seekers and courses on “sensuality.”

“No one likes that type of attitude in life,” said neighbor Dave Holland. “I thought we were past that but apparently not. We don’t need that. It’s not in our neighborhood.”

Holland said that for decades, law enforcement has responded to the property, but it has calmed down in recent years.

Now, there remains a curiosity in the local community of what the Lafayette Morehouse is all about.

From certain streets, you could see members of the property with purple homes, riding around on golf carts and bringing in groceries from the street and up through the gates.

A NextDoor post asks for help from neighbors for any surveillance video to try and find the vandals.

Neighbors said they have security cameras, but there’s so much traffic on the streets in that area, that the lens aren’t facing that home’s driveway.

The Lafayette Morehouse website shows current courses on sensuality and explains how those who seek pleasure have lived together on the property since the 1960s.

Neighbors said it’s enough to drive local teenagers to try and check it out as a rite of passage.

“Seems like it happens Spring Break, graduation, Friday or Saturday night, I’ll see kids pulling up and I think here we go, this will be good,” said Holland.

Neighbors were left wondering who got up to the property this time to leave the graffiti and why they used racist words.

“If it was a situation where it hit our cars here, we’d have to step it up,” said Holland.

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