Planned Marijuana Grow Operation Sparks Concerns in Brentwood

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Commercial cannabis cultivation in Contra Costa County has moved a step closer to taking root.

The county board of supervisors has given seven prospective operators the green light to apply for conditional use permits. But that's not sitting well with at least one neighborhood, and it appears their complaints could trigger changes.

A company called Element 7 recently received county approval to apply for a land use permit for a two-acre commercial marijuana grow operation in Brentwood.

The prospect of a pot farm in the neighborhood isn't sitting well with some residents.

"The last two days I probably haven't slept well because it feels like our homes are being invaded," said Shelly McMahon, who has been farming in Brentwood for 30 years.

McMahon's farm is across the street from where Element 7 is looking to operate its marijuana operation.

Other residents worry their safe, quiet neighborhood will not be the same.

Element 7 insists they have plans in place to keep their operations safe, clean and to control unwanted odors. But the company's chief of operations says community opposition has them reconsidering.

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