Pittsburg police

Police Confirm Officer-Involved Shooting in Pittsburg

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Police in Pittsburg were involved in a shooting Saturday afternoon after a man, allegedly armed with a loaded handgun, attempted to flee from officers, authorities confirmed.

Officers responded to a call in the 3700 block of Harbor Street regarding a man on the roof of a business. Upon arriving, police said that the man was in the parking lot standing next to a car.

Police said they asked the man to stay where he was, but he instead reached onto the car’s rear tire and grabbed a gun, then proceeded to run in the opposite direction.

Officers chased the man and eventually caught up to him, asking him to lay on the ground, which police said he refused to do.

An officer shot the man in the arm and immediately took him into custody.

Police began performing lifesaving measures on him, and he is expected to survive.

The man is a 32-year-old from Oakland.

Multiple independent investigations into the incident will be completed.

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