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Return of Indoor Mask Mandate Met With Some Confusion in Fremont

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Alameda County reinstated their indoor mask mandate Thursday, but in Fremont, many businesses and residents said it was met with some confusion.

"I think there was a little bit of confusion. I don't think everybody yet knows that the mask mandate has happened again,” said Amia Bakery employee, Yunee. “But, there was one customer, before you guys came in and we just, you know, politely asked them to put a mask on and if they refuse, then we just kind of tell them, we can't serve you have your mask on.”

It’s not much of a change for the bakery as they've been asking customers to put on their masks since the beginning of the pandemic, regardless of any mandates. 

"It's important because if my boss has somebody out sick, then it affects all of us as well. And it's a small business, so he wants to keep it running,” said Yunee.

Inside the same shopping center on Argonaut Way, Trader Joe’s is also asking customers to mask up.

On Friday, they had a designated employee notifying people about the renewed rules.

It's something Herminia Legaspi, a registered nurse, appreciates. But, she did notice a few confused people. 

"Just a few I think maybe, but for the most part I think people are very conscientious about it. And actually, this Trader Joe's was one of the best in the very beginning,” said Legaspi. “They were just awesome. That's why I love to go to this Trader Joe's."

Back inside Amia Bakery, Yunee is convinced being pro-masking is the answer to finally ending the pandemic. 

"The longer we keep it on, I think we'll be able to hopefully end the pandemic,” she said. “And I think that's the goal that everybody wants to reach eventually."

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