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Thieves Get Into Oakland Business Through Roof, Steal More than $150K in Merchandise

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An Oakland man said thieves broke into his business through the roof and stole more than $150,000 in merchandise.

The crime happened at the Sound Factory on International Boulevard in mid-July.

They not only stole from the business, but they stuffed the merchandise into cars that belonged to customers, and stole them.

“Somebody broke into my roof. They opened up a hole and they jumped into the shop,” said owner Jose Torres. “What I found was all my life in the trash. I’m so frustrated because we can do nothing about it. This is something that happened already and I have to continue but it’s kind of hard.”

It's hard for Torres and for the businesses, a little more than two miles from Torres on the same boulevard. Just 10 days ago, there was a break-in in Little Saigon and thieves there also dropped in.

The Oakland Police Department is investigating all the crimes but there is no word yet if they’re connected. 

“I was so upset,” said Torres, who has been at his location for 33 years.

“They need to do something about it because the business, that’s the one support for the whole city and it’s kind of hard because if something like this happened again I’m gonna have to move from the city,” he said.

Oakland’s city council recently approved $110,000 for safety improvements in the area, including opening an OPD station.

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