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‘We're Relying on You': Tom Hanks to Oakland Skyline High's Class of 2020

The Oscar-winning actor participated in his former school's virtual commencement ceremony with a message for graduates to lead the way in a post-pandemic world.

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Skyline High School's Class of 2020 got a BIG surprise during its virtual commencement ceremony on Friday.

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, a 1974 graduate of Skyline High, participated in his former high school's ceremony by delivering a video message to graduates.

"Somewhere out of the fate of every high schooler, you guys were picked to graduate this year, in the year 2020, to start of this next chapter of your lives in the face and in the midst of so much change," Hanks said to start his message to graduates.

Skyline High's most famous graduate then goes on to remind students they will be responsible for paving the way in the world after the pandemic.

"Good luck to you. I'd like to think that just as Skyline High School provided me with a direction and an instinct to follow, the same has happened for you," Hanks said. "Follow those instincts. And always understand that you have been chosen by fate to lead the way in whatever our post-pandemic world is going to be. Make it a great one, would you? We're all relying on you."

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