Trees Fall on 2 Apartment Buildings in Livermore

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Powerful winds knocked down power lines and sent trees crashing down into roadways, smashing into homes, and cars Tuesday. 

A pine tree fell into the side of the Autumn Springs Apartments in Livermore. It was uprooted by the wind and hit both the upstairs and downstairs units.

No one was hurt, but residents were shaken up.

“We’re all in shock still,” said upstairs resident, Debbie Shepard. “Yeah, it was very frightening.”

The bedroom Shepard’s 22-year-old son was sleeping in was damaged.

“One of my sons was sleeping on the bottom bunk, thank God it was the bottom bunk,” said Shepard. “He jumped up because he heard the crackling and the hit, and jumped up and my husband came in and grabbed him out, he was shook and a little scared, he's OK and that's all that matters.”

A tree ripped the side off an apartment building on Paseo Laguna Seco in Livermore Tuesday. Emma Goss reports.

The family is staying at a hotel for the night and so is her downstairs neighbor whose patio came partially detached. 

Dee Lachner raised concerns to property management about the tree before.

“When I first moved in here in 2015, I was concerned about the tree because of how big it is, and then a couple years back there was another tree at the other end of the complex that fell through the roof, and that concerned me again,” said Lachner.

The tree also struck the carport, and totaled Rocio De Ocio's Subaru. Inside were the gifts she was planning to give her grandchildren in Texas later this month.

“Presents for my grandchilds, everything is garbage,” she said.

The grandmother, who lives on social security, doubt's she'll be able to take that trip, let alone afford a new car.

Nearby, trees around the neighborhood were taken down by the wind. One tree fell in a parking lot, cracking a car's windshield at the Mill Springs Park Apartment Homes.

In Burlingame, sparks and smoke erupted from a live wire that came down on El Camino near Rosedale Avenue.

Just down the road, eucalyptus trees blocked intersections, and covered the tracks on Caltrain, causing delays just before the evening rush hour.

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