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Vallejo City Council Votes to End Mask Mandate

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Masks are coming off in the city of Vallejo.

The city council unanimously voted Tuesday night and it goes into effect immediately. People in the city of Vallejo will now follow state rules. 

Those that are vaccinated don’t have to wear a mask in indoor public spaces.

City councilmembers agreed on in a six to zero vote that they are ready to go back to normalcy.

“We adopted a mask mandate early on way before the state, way before the county,” said Mayor Robert McConnell.

He added that that’s because case rates in Vallejo were the highest in the county and the city wanted to do something to protect the people.

“We have many impaired people,” he said. “A large number of people in care facilities. We have so many in this city that add to those statistics.”

But now COVID case numbers are coming down.

Downtown business owner Lori Sellner said she’s ready for the city to adopt state rules where people who are vaccinated can go maskless indoors.

“Some people are tired of the masks having to remember to put them on when they go into enclosed areas,” she said.

Others said they don’t care if Vallejo recends its mask rule. They will continue to cover their face.

“It’s fine. I’m comfortable and I’m happy,” said Sellner. “I’m keeping everyone around me safe and that’s what I really want.”

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