Vallejo Store Owner Shot During Robbery in Critical Condition

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A beloved Vallejo store owner was robbed and shot Tuesday night during a terrifying attack that was caught on camera.

Dollar Plus & Party Supplies store owner Marc Quidit was in critical condition Wednesday night while the gunman remained at large.

Quidit was vacuuming and his sister was behind the counter when two hooded and masked men came into the store with guns.

Seconds later, one of the suspects opened fire, striking Quidit several times. The men then took off.

"I’ve been married to him for 17 years. He's such a nice guy," Quidit's wife Nina said. "I don’t know why they do that to him."

As Marc remains in critical condition, Nina is holding down the business. With three kids to support, she said they both work full-time. He runs the store while she works at Safeway.

"He works seven days a week and he supports the family," Nina said. "Whatever we need, he takes care of it. He works all day, he goes home and fixes whatever we need to get fixed, something broken, you know."

Police are asking anyone with information to step forward.

"We have no suspect information available at this time," Brittany K. Jackson with the Vallejo Police Department said. "This is actively being investigated."

Simon Len, who has a barbershop nearby, said he thinks criminals see Asians as easy targets. He’s scared by attacks on Asians across the Bay Area.

"I see it everywhere, you know, Chinatown, same thing," he said.

Nina is praying her husband can fully recover. She said attacks like this are tearing families apart.

"It’s got to stop because we are working hard to support our family," she said. "Why don’t they go find a job to support their own family instead of going and killing people and damaging families to get the money. That’s wrong."

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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