Woman Confronts Burglar Inside Her Danville Home

Danville police are investigating a home invasion Thursday morning and a neighbor believes they captured the suspect’s car on surveillance video.

Karen Harris was sitting in a chair in the family room around 8:30 a.m. when she noticed a loud noise.

“There was a large crash and then I jumped up out of my chair and there was a man standing in my living room,” Harris said.

She said she jumped up and the suspect dressed in all black, possibly wearing a ski mark, was standing in her living room and when he saw her he quickly ran out the door.

“I yelled at him, I asked ‘what the hell are you doing in my house?’” said Harris.

The woman has lived there for over 40 years and says this is the second time in two years that she has been targeted.

Danville police are investigating, and they say home invasions in that city are not common at all, but people need to be vigilante.

“I think it’s scary cause you see more and more people coming up the valley more and burglars and more things happening which we never had here ever,” Harris said.

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