Woman Says She Was Beaten, Robbed Outside San Leandro Safeway

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A woman is recovering from her injuries after she said she was violently robbed outside a Safeway in San Leandro.

The incident occurred in the parking lot on Washington Avenue Wednesday evening after Emily Chhun had just finished buying some snacks and was walking to her car. 

She said it was when she got into her car that her nightmare began.

 “I closed the door already and didn’t notice that there was someone behind me,” she said, adding that the man started punching her and then robbed her.

Her bag was snatched from the passenger seat with her wallter, cash, credit cards and car keys. “By that time I couldn’t think of anything else because he has a gun,” said Chhun. “And then I realized that, oh, I got robbed. But then, I begged him, like ‘please, please, take whatever you want. Please don’t kill me,’ I told him.”

But, he wasn’t done yet.

“He opened my wallet. And then he saw I only have $50 cash, and then he hit me with his pistol again,” she said, breaking her nose among other injuries.

Chhun said that after the man left, a Safeway employee ran out to see if she was okay and called 911.

Chhun was then taken to a hospital.

A couple days later, she said she's not feeling well and wishes she was back with her family in Cambodia.

“I’m still in shock,” she said in tears. “Because I’m really scared of people right now. Please, please, lock the car whenever you’re in the car because you never know when someone might walk behind you and rob you.”

San Leandro police are investigating.

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