East Bay’s Famous Fairytale Home Hits the Market

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Gillian Edevane
If it looks like something out of a book, that might be because it is. The home is actually featured in a coffee table tome about Contra Costa County's historic and beautiful places.
Gillian Edevane
If you have a wicked stepmother, you probably don't want her living this close. But, if she did move in, you wouldn't have to cross paths often. This in-law cottage boasts its own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
Gillian Edevane
For a home that resembles a castle, the inside is surprisingly homey. Wood and iron accents help make that possible. If you take a tour, try not to get lost. There is at least one surprise staircase that leads to nowhere.
Gillian Edevane
The facade may look medieval, but the kitchen is equipped with modern amenities. There's also a formal dining room that seats 20, which is plenty big enough to invite 7 dwarfs, should they ever show up at your doorstep.
Gillian Edevane
Several winding staircases and brick entryways complete the fairytale look.
Gillian Edevane
Okay, so the forest isn't really enchanted; this is just a picture of the sprawling Alhambra Valley greenery. But with a house like this, what's stopping you from pretending?
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