East Brother Light Station Looking for New Innkeepers

Ever wanted to get away from it all? Try running a bed and breakfast on East Brother Island.

Now's your chance to apply for one of the coolest jobs in the Bay Area. There is an opening for two innkeepers at a Victorian lighthouse -- oh yeah, it's on a tiny island in the middle of the bay.

The job requires running a bed and breakfast on the acre-long East Brother Island, which is about a mile north of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. It sits right where San Francisco Bay turns into San Pablo Bay and is home to the historic 1873 East Brother Light Station.

They are looking for someone to start around June 1.

After working there for a little more than one year, the current innkeepers will soon be moving on to new careers. Peter Berkhout and Dina Kashou started working on the island in December 2010. Last year, we spent a day with the couple to see what the unusual job was all about.

Hosting up to 10 guests Thursday through Sunday, the job requires everything from changing sheets to making food to cleaning.

Because you will be a 15-minute boat ride away from civilization, one of the hardest parts about the job will be hauling food, laundry, propane and garbage on and off the island.

The current innkeepers admitted it was a tough job, but most innkeepers only stay for about two years for the unique experience. And there's probably no better view around.

"I certainly wouldn't trade it for sitting in an office, that's for sure," Kashou said.

The lighthouse is owned by the U.S. Coast guard, but it's maintained by a non-profit corporation.

You don't need to be a lighthouse nerd to apply for the job, but you do need a couple of other things.

"You need a captain's license to drive the boat, and I have that," Berkhout said. "And then you need somebody who's a really good cook, and of course that's Dina."

If you don't have an active U.S. Coast Guard Captain's license, forget about applying. "You will be wasting our time and yours," the job application says. They also don't want any smokers.

Last year, Berkhout and Kashou's gross pay was about $90,000, plus about $10,000 in health insurance. Rooms start at $355 per night, so you could pull in more or less depending on how many guests stay overnight.

So, if you feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a while, download the job application here.

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