Editor's Picks: High-Tech to Low-Tech Toys 2014

As the commercials roll out this holiday season, it’s hard to tell which toy to buy, especially if you’re buying for a video game lover or a board game player.  We’ve compiled just a few of our favorite picks, ranging from the most tech-oriented to the least.

High Tech:  the MiP, which stands for the Mobile Inverted Pendulum, a collaboration of WowWee toys and the University of California at San Diego’s Coordinated Robots Lab. It’s a fully interactive robot that moves about with hand movements. Retails for about $100. 

With drones all the rage, Air Hogs now has two toys we chose that hover over your head. One is the Atmosphere Axis (retails for about $25), which levitates and bounces off walls, as well as the Rollercopter (retails for about $44), which drives on the floor in a rolling cage, flies through the air and rolls on the ceiling.

Medium Tech: Cool Circuits light up puzzle,  and the Inventions Science Kit, both by ScienceWiz in Richmond. Each retails for about $20.

Low Tech: Creativity for Kids makes a plethora of DIY kits. Our favorites this year were the duct tape wallets and rubber band snaps. Wallet retails for about $7. Rubber band snaps cost about $18.

SpinMaster’s Quelf is a game where you answer crazy questions and perform ridiculous stunts. There’s only one rule: “Obey the card.” (Retails for about $15)

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