Eight Hikers Stranded Inside Soberanes Fire Lines Rescued

Eight men were rescued Tuesday from the fire lines on the south side of the Soberanes fire burning near Big Sur.

Cal Fire said the men went hiking five days ago and became lost with little water or food. Once the fire flared up over the weekend, the men said they were stranded and didn't know which direction would lead them to safety.

Bulldozing crews spotted the men Tuesday, and Cal Fire used air support to locate them.

"Air attack did locate them initially," said Cal Fire's Kevin Bohall. "Once we found that, we used a global positioning unit, got a latitude and longitude and sent the dozer operators in to find them."

Search and rescue crews from the Monterey County Sheriff's Department, along with the bulldozer operators, evacuated the men to a campground on the east end of Palo Colorado.

Medics checked the vitals of the hikers, and Cal Fire said all of them were OK.

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