San Francisco

Electric Scooters Found in San Francisco Bay

It appears someone is throwing electric scooters popping up all over San Francisco into the Bay.

Hardy Chambliss said provided photos and videos to NBC Bay Area showing electric scooters in the Bay -- apparently tossed there by someone and left there by the scooter company.

Chambliss then said he contacted the company through e-mail to report the incidents. The response he received back from LimeBike was a kind of form letter, Chambliss said.

"It was to the effect of 'we heard you and we thank you and we've told our San Francisco operations manager,'" he said.

NBC Bay Area contacted LimeBike on Monday and received a similar response regarding the scooters left in the Bay.

Chambliss said after several days LimeBike did pick up one scooter, but left another in the Bay near Pier 14. Chambliss ended up using a grapling hook and recovered the scooter himself.

Chambliss said he is teaching his boys to protect the Bay by picking up trash.

"I'm just hoping they learn because this is going to happen again," he said. "It's happening all over the world. It shouldn't be unexpected."

The scooters have certainly struck a chord in the city.

Since mid-March, scooter companies, including LimeBike, have been the subject of 1,873 complaints.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports 503 scooters have been impounded -- 208 of them belonging to LimeBike. The scooter companies have racked up $46,000 in fines, most of them yet to paid.

San Francisco has warned the companies they have until June 4 to get permits for their dockless scooters. After that date any scooter without a permit could be impounded along with a $100-a-day fine.

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