Ex-Con Hailed a Hero After Saving Life at BART Station

An ex-con who spent more than 30 years in prison for murder is now being hailed a hero after saving a life.

Frank Altamirano, who works as an elevator attendant for BART, responded to a report of someone suffering from a drug overdose at San Francisco's Civic Center Station.

“He was already foaming at the mouth and his nose was running,” Altamirano said.

Altamirano gave the man Narcan, a nasal spray that reverses the effects of opioids. His job is part of a program created by BART and Muni to keep bathrooms and elevator stations drug free and safe for commuters.

It comes after Altamirano spent three decades behind bars after he was convicted of second-degree murder in 1986 for stabbing a man in the heart.

“I can never change that, but the thing I can change is myself,” Altamirano said.

Now, Altamirano is a supervisor for Hunters Point Family, a non-profit group hired by BART and Muni.

“I am happy to report that since the elevator program started, we have zero incidents where we have people using drugs, using it as a bathroom or doing other things.” said Jim Allison, a spokesman for BART.

Altamirano said that he has not spoken to the man he saved, but hopes to see him again.

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