See Who Tops Forbes' Billionaire List

The list of the world's richest men is out and once again the Bay Area is taking center stage with some of the most dynamic billionaires in the world.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison tops the Bay Area contingent on this list at No. 5 with a net worth of $39.5 billion.

But the 66-year-old Silicon Valley titan is not the only representative from the Bay Area on this list.

Google's tech twins, Larry page and Sergey Brin, check in both at No. 24 with a net value of $19.8 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg is the next notable Bay Area representative on the list at No 52. The world's youngest billionaire comes in behind the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, who he joined in a pledge to donate his wealth to charity.

The young Facebook CEO is also projected by some to be the world's first hundred-billionaire.At the ripe old age of 29.

Perhaps surprisingly, Apple CEO Steve Jobs -- who Forbes lists as one of its 20 most powerful people in the world -- does not even crack the top 100. Jobs net worth is projected to be at $8.3 billion.

Forbes put 1,210 billionaires on its annual list and it employed more than 50 reporters in 13 countries who conducted interviews with candidates for the list and their handlers to project their estimated wealth.

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