Ellison Says He Is Not Buying His Neighbor’s $40 Million Home

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Stories of Larry Ellison's real estate prowess are much exaggerated.

While the Oracle CEO still has an impressive portfolio of real estate, reports -- including from us -- that he was purchasing his neighbor's $40 million Pacific Heights mansion are not true, according to the listing agent for the home.

The San Francisco Chronicle's Andrew Ross debunks an earlier report that Ellison was purchasing his neighbor's 22-room home.

Malin Giddings, a Realtor with TRI-Coldwell Banker, gave Ross his "personal word" that Ellison was not purchasing the home.

And to further end any confusion, the tech mogul himself checked in via a statement to say he had no interest in purchasing the home for "$40 million or any other price."

Giddings said a $40 million price tag for the home is not outrageous.

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