Tesla Finally Launches Base Model 3 for $35,000

At long last, the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 is a reality, but it comes with some changes at the Palo Alto-based electric carmaker.

Tesla announced the new base Model 3 earlier Thursday and said it would also be closing some stores and laying off sales workers as a cost-cutting measure. 

All Tesla orders going forward will be taken via online and mobile platforms, the company said. Check the order page here.

After teasing “news” on Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has delivered the lowest-price Tesla yet.

It should be noted, the federal rebate has been cut in half, and the $35,000 model has a 220-mile battery range (the $49,000 version comes with a 310-mile range).

But it’s ready for order, and Tesla claims deliveries will happen in 2 to 4 weeks.

Earlier Wednesday, Musk tweeted some cryptic messages sending tech Twitter into a speculative frenzy:

“Some Tesla News.”


“Thursday 2pm.”

And for a moment, Musk changed his Twitter name to "Elon Tusk," leading to even more speculation.

A driver behind the wheel of a Tesla slammed into a tree in Fremont Monday morning, sparking a blaze in the process, according to police. Scott Budman reports.

Some guesses involved Tesla making an announcement about its debt situation, or perhaps a management shift. Musk recently caught further flack from the SEC for tweeting out guesses about car sales. [[506074512, C]]


Keep it here, and on our Tech Reporter Scott Budman’s Twitter account (@scottbudman) for details. [[506501121, C]]

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