San Francisco

Slumping Crane at Top of San Francisco's Salesforce Building Will Not Fall: Cal/OSHA

A frightening moment for many San Francisco residents as a slumping crane rests on the metalwork around the Salesforce tower on Friday.

The Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) was called out to the building Thursday as the crane was being dismantled. Officials are calling the slump a rooftop mounted derrick. 

According to Cal/OSHA during the dismantling process, the cranes boom ended up slumping and came to a rest on the ornamental metal outside the building. 

The building was not damaged and there were no injuries. 

Cal/OSHA's inspectors determined the roof mount to be stable. There is no danger of the derrick falling or collapsing. 

Before the the derrick is fully dismantled an engineer will need to come out to the scene and approe the plan to get the boom repositioned. 

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