Looting in Emeryville: 7-Eleven Surveillance Video Shows People Breaking In

"Protesters didn't do this," store owner says. "Looters, vandals did this, thugs."

After marching through Oakland, protesters went up San Pablo Avenue into Emeryville Tuesday night, where police said businesses including a Pak N Save, 7-Eleven and CVS were vandalized and looted. Emeryville police made no arrests.

Surveillance video surfaced Wednesday showing several people breaking into the 7-Eleven store at the same time as the march. Most of the demonstrators stress peaceful protest, but some people turned violent.

Raheil Drar and her father own the 7-Eleven that was hit. They spent the night sweeping up glass and repairing the damage.

"I think it's ridiculous,” Drar said. “I think it's crazy that you're ruining your own community. This is black owned and operated. It's family operated. It's no corporation. It's coming out of our pockets.”

Drar said she doesn't consider the people who damaged her store protesters. "I don't want to even refer to them as that. Protesters didn't do this. Looters, vandals did this, thugs."

She wants to send a message to the vandals. "This doesn't accomplish anything. It really takes away from the cause. Just stop," she said. “This isn't just a peaceful protest over something. This has turned into something completely different and we're not going to tolerate violence or damage in our city.”

At least half-dozen stores were damaged Tuesday night, Emeryville police said. Some of the protesters made their way onto Highway 24, where the California Highway Patrol says the demonstrators threw explosives at officers and even used a launching device to shoot fireworks at the CHP helicopter.

Emeryville police say their officers too became targets

“They were using chunks of concrete that they found somewhere and they were throwing them at our officers as well as bottles,” Emeryville police spokesman Brian Head said.

Demonstrators were planning more protests in the East Bay Wednesday night.

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