San Jose

Employee RVs Camping in VTA Lot in San Jose to Be Phased Out

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority bus operators for the past 20 years have been able to park and sleep in their recreational vehicles on the company parking lot in San Jose.

But VTA officials said the program that allowed employees to camp out in the lot will soon phase out because existing permits will not be renewed when they expire.

"The regulation required for this type of accomodation puts a strain on crucial VTA resources (security, facilities, managing and maintaining the permits) and is therefore not sustainable for us to continue," VTA said in a statement.

Several bus operators who camp out in the company lot live in the Sacramento suburbs, where housing is more affordable when compared to high cost of living in the Bay Area.

The union representing the bus operators said it is concerned about the drivers who will have to go back to driving an additional four hours on top of driving a bus for eight hours.

As of late Monday, 28 RVs remained on the VTA lot, which is down from 44.

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