2 Teens Shot at East Palo Alto Home

Two teenage boys were struck by bullets late Wednesday night when someone in a silver Honda pulled up to a home in what is now being categorized as a possible gang-related beef.

East Palo Alto on Thursday had originally said the shooting was inspired by "road rage."

The boys, 16 and 17, are expected to recover from the 11 p.m. shooting at 2543 Farrington Way. The city's Shot Spotter system documented 23 shots.

The 16-year-old spoke with NBC Bay Area on Thursday morning from the front porch, walking on crutches. He did not want to be identified and kept his face away from the camera. He said the shots rang out when he and his brother were sitting on the porch having a cigarette. Neither of them drive, he said, so the road rage theory couldn't be right.

He said he didn't know why a man in a silver newer model Honda began firing at them. The driver then hopped in his car and hasn't been found since.

Anyone with information should send an anonymous email to epa@tipnow.org or send an anonymous text to 650-409-6792 or leave an anonymous voice mail by calling 650-409-6792 or 650-853-8477. Also, people can call Det. Tommy Phengsene at 650-798-5944.

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