Equestrian Drops Off Ballot Via Horseback, Calls on Others to Vote Early

Brianna Noble is encouraging all eligible voters to get out and vote in this year's election

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Brianna Noble, the equestrian who captured the nation’s attention earlier this year when she led a group of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters while on horseback in Oakland, was back in the saddle Thursday, calling on people to vote early.

Noble, accompanied by her horse Dapper Dan, put her message into practice as she dropped off her ballot in the East Bay city Thursday afternoon. She was followed by two other equestrians as well as a group of supporters on bikes and those who came by foot.

Noble said she's hoping to inspire people, especially those who haven't voted in years prior, to register and vote early.

"I think all of us just want to make a little difference in the world," she said. "That’s exactly how I feel. I just hope that my vote matters, too, and I can maybe help sway the tide."

After she dropped off her ballot, Noble stuck the “I Voted” sticker on Dapper Dan and the two posed for photos on the steps of an Alameda County courthouse.

Noble said she’s not a politician and she’s not focused on telling her supporters who to vote for.

Her message is simple: get out and vote – whether by mail, by car, by foot, or, in her case, by horse.

Brianna Noble received national attention earlier this year when she rode her horse into a Black Lives Matter rally in Oakland. She'll be back on her horse Thursday, encouraging others to vote.
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