ESPN Open to Streaming on AppleTV

Apple's dream of cutting the cable chord got a little bit of a boost Tuesday.

ESPN said it would consider including its WatchESPN application on AppleTV devices as long as users already are subscribers to the network.

The sports network is owned by Disney, whose largest shareholder and former board members was Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

The late Apple CEO had reportedly been trying to attract network executives and Hollywood producers to sign on to an a la carte iTunes style Apple television service on an integrated television that could potentially cut the cable companies out of the picture.

There have even been recent reports that Apple design guru Jony Ive has a prototype television in his labs at 1 Infinite Loop.

Currently Apple only sells a box top accessory that allows users to stream YouTube and Netflix videos on their televisions as well as rent movies and shows from iTunes.

ESPN said no deal with Apple is imminent but the app will be available on Xbox "soon."

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