Etch A Sketch Craziness? Yep, There's an App For That

App sales way up, thanks to politics.

The Etch A Sketch controversy continues to (wait for it) draw itself out this week.  Amazon says sales of the toy is up 1,556 percent.  Shares of stock in Ohio Arts, the company that makes the toy, have skyrocketed. 

This is a crazy story.

And, now, the app.

Craig Holland sells an Etch A Sketch app.  His company, Freeze Tag, has seen sales explode in the wake of (have people started to call this thing) Etch-Gate.  "It tripled in a day," he says, adding that he's not taking political sides, but is psyched that people are checking out the old school toy in a decidedly modern way.

By the way, speaking of Ohio Arts, the company making the Etch A Sketch, it turns out the company not only has a PR rep., but one with a sense of humor.  Here's his quote: 

"We have a left knob and a right knob," says Matin Killgallon, "so we neutrally speak to both parties."

Yes, politics can take sides, but when it comes to commerce, toys and apps reach across the aisle.

This is why Scott studied political science in college.  He’s on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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