Ex-San Jose Police Officer Says Mayor Reed Aide Told Him to “Lie”

More serious fallout from the allegations by a former San Jose police recruit: Now a former San Jose police officer tells NBC Bay Area he received a phone call over the weekend from Victor Ajlouny, a political advisor to San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed.

Former officer Aaron Ettinger claims in sworn testimony, under penalty of perjury, that Ajlouny told him to “lie” regarding allegations made by former cadet Elyse Rivas.

Rivas claims the SJPOA president told cadets during training that they should all quit for the betterment of the union cause, an allegation president Jim Unland denies.

Ettinger said Ajlouny asked him to corroborate Rivas’s story and in return Ajlouny would help Ettinger get his job back.

Ettinger was a police reserve until he joined the force full-time this year. But Ettinger says two paychecks into his new job as a cop under the Tier-2 pension system he decided he couldn’t make ends meet and resigned. He asked for his volunteer job as a reserve back, but the department has not granted him that wish.

In sworn testimony, Ettinger also claims Ajlouny would meet with him, the mayor, and the city manager and sue the POA.

Reached by phone in Omaha, Nebraska, Ajlouny denied the allegations to NBC Bay Area.

Ajlouny, who is a long-time friend with Ettinger’s parents, said he would never ask anybody to lie and thought the allegations were “unbelievable”.

After reading Ettinger’s signed declaration, Ajlouny called back NBC Bay Area and said he had retained an attorney and will take Ettinger to court.

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