Exclusive: Inside the Company Targeted in IRS Scandal

Email "Doesn't go away."

Sonasoft is getting threats.

On email, and over the phone, saying, according to company founder Andy Khanna, "Provide the emails!" 

And that's the clean version.

Sonasoft is the company you may have read about online over the last couple of days, linked to the IRS email scandal. They had a contract to replicate emails for IRS lawyers through 2011. They even sent out a tweet reading, "The IRS uses Sonasoft to back up their servers, why wouldn't you choose them to protect your servers?"

But Sonasoft has not commented on the scandal - until now.

In an exclusive interview, Khanna says they did sell software to the IRS, specifically the lawyers.

"We as a company sell and install," Khanna said. "Then, it's 100 percent up to the customer to maintain data, backup data, and archive data."

In other words, he said, Sonasoft doesn't know where the emails are, or if they were even backed up.

That said, Sonasoft is skeptical that they could just be lost. I asked the company's Chief Technology Officer Bilal Ahmed, "Email doesn't just go away, right?" He replied, "It doesn't go away. If they were deleting or adding emails on the primary server, it will be replicated to the standby."

A bit geeky, yes, but also the company's belief that they're being scapegoated by the government. A government Khanna says they were working for, "because we believe we should serve our government."

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