Spaceships, Supersonic Internet And The Rolling Stones: Talking Tech With Sir Richard Branson

Billionaire Branson Talks Tech and Space

"You know, the last band I signed was the Rolling Stones..."

Not a bad way to start a conversation, but really, just a regular story told from billionaire business mogul Sir Richard Branson. Yes, he's a "Sir," and yes, he was into music way before your iPod was invented.

He's also trying to take us into space, with his Virgin Galactic competing with, among others, Elon Musk. "We're great friends, actually," Branson says when asked about the SpaceX Founder. "But obviously there's a little bit of rivalry there."

Branson was visiting Silicon Valley to speak at the Coupa Conference, and to meet with some of the hundreds of Virgin employees who work here. He says he's a bit disappointed that VirginAmerica was bought by Alaska Air ("had to give so many shares to Americans..."), and that he hopes the brand - and employees - stay.

As for space travel? Be patient. He says they're "testing and testing" the next generation spaceship, "and when the test pilots say we're ready, we'll be up and away."

So strap yourselves in.

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