San Francisco

Expats Rank San Francisco as 5th Best ‘Dream Destination'

Never mind the exorbitant rents or the ridiculously high cost of living or any of the other things that currently make San Francisco pretty much unaffordable – expats have voted the city by the bay as the 5th most desirable city in the world.

A survey of 14,000 expats from 195 countries by on “expat dream destinations” puts San Francisco at number five, just below Sydney, Barcelona, London and New York. Paris comes in at number six.

“Not even expatriates are always free to follow their wanderlust as they please. Despite enjoying their new life abroad, many are still dreaming of that one city they'd move to if only work, or money, or distance to their home country, etc. were of no importance whatsoever,” the survey says.

Here's what San Francisco redditors have to say about the honor.[[364927201,C,620,666]]

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