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Exploratorium to Host Free Day in Honor of Founder Frank Oppenheimer

The museum will be letting in all ages for free on October 11.

 Looking for a cost-friendly way to spend this Sunday?

The Exploratorium in San Francisco is offering free entry on Sunday to honor its founding. 

“Founder’s Day” is open to all ages, though admission is subject to the building’s capacity. Tickets for the interactive museum of science and art are usually $19 to $24.

The Exploratorium opened to the public in 1969. According to its website, founder Frank Oppenheimer chose San Francisco as a location because “[it] had become a nexus for social experimentation.”

Oppenheimer was an award winning physicist and university professor. He served as museum director until his death in 1985.

In 2013, the Exploratorium moved from its long-time home at the Palace of Fine Arts to a new location on Pier 15.

The next free day at the museum will be on December 6 to mark the winter holidays.

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