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Extreme Heat Sparks South Bay Power Outages



    Extreme Heat Sparks South Bay Power Outages

    In addition to battling excessive heat, some Bay Area residents were without electricity. George Kiriyama reports. (Published Tuesday, July 2, 2013)

    More than 8,000 PG&E customers in the San Jose area were without electricity Tuesday.

    Officials said the outages were sparked by the extreme heat storming the Bay Area.

    The heat wave on Tuesday created 18 separate outages, and though the power came back on later in the evening, one family suffered for about four hours.

    "No AC. No fan. No nothing. No cool refrigerator to stand in front either," said Ali Rizvi of East San Jose, whose home had no electricity for most of the afternoon." Growing up in Arizona I'm actually from Arizona so it was almost like going back home."

    Not only was he uncomfortable, he was worried about the food spoiling in the refrigerator.

    "Especially with the milk and yogurt and stuff cause we have a 22 month old wanna make sure that things gone bad. Cause the last thing we wanna do is give everything that's bad to the kids," Rizvi said.

    It got so hot, Rizvi escaped to his all-electric Nissan Leaf parked in his driveway.

    "Good sure thing I had the battery charged in there. Kept the AC going and kept my cell phone charged," Rizvi said.

    PG&E blamed the heat and a damaged connector for the outage.

    Some like Nephty Landin couldn't stand the heat any longer and went to see a movie.

    "A lot more relaxing once you're inside there. Definitely lot more relaxing. Now coming out here, it's a lot nicer," Landin said.